The Airbrush Make Up Kit is designed to suit your everyday needs. It is simple to use and gives amazing coverage all day long. Airbrush foundation is different to normal foundations. Airbrush foundation is more pigmented and this means that you use less of the product by receive amazing coverage. Airbrush foundation will give you a flawless finish every time and it can be layered so it can be a light natural coverage or built to a more full coverage. The Velbella range are a mineral based airbrush product and feel beautiful and light on the skin. After you have finished applying your foundation there will be no need to blend or touch your foundation. This is what makes airbrushing your foundation a breeze, it lasts so much longer than traditional foundations. Velbella is manufactured in the United States of America. It is high definition makeup that will last 10 plus hours.

Lauren is so proud to introduce to you her Airbrush Makeup range, Velbella. Lauren Veling is a Makeup Artist working in Brisbane, Australia. Lauren has been in the beauty industry for almost 15 years and it is this experience that was transformed into the flawless Velbella Airbrush Makeup products. After years of working with other products she was never 100% happy with what she was using. She wanted to develop a range that would suit her clients perfectly. After working with the Velbella range professionally Lauren realized her clients were always wanting to recreate the beautiful coverage they received during their makeovers. Lauren decided to create the range so that it could be available for women everywhere. Years of research and development with chemists in the United States and Velbella was born.

Lauren wanted to create an airbrush line of make up that would be available for everyone. No longer just a secret of celebrities and make up artists Velbella removes this gap for everyday people. “A personal airbrush make up solution!” No longer do women have to look at celebrities and say “I wish I looked like that,” they can now achieve that flawless finish with Velbella Airbrush Make Up everyday. A range of foundation, blush and shimmers with a vision for an even greater range Velbella will continue to service women everywhere allowing them to achieve the amazing benefits of airbrush make up from their very own home. Velbella Airbrush Make Up is so simple to use and looks amazing! 

Along with a professional line of high definition airbrush makeup, Velbella, offers professional kits and training for makeup artists who want to add airbrushing to the repertoire of skills. Airbrushing is fast becoming the popular choice for brides and photography work therefore, it’s the perfect skill for anyone wanting to embark on the makeup industry. Lauren is also available for consulting for businesses, she can train you and help you grow your own makeup business to be as successful as hers.