Curls For The Girls

Curls look great for all hair types but in this heat it can be hard to motivate yourself to use a heated device to achieve it. Today’s blog is all about creating curls and waves in your hair without using heating devices.

Create Curls without a GHD

Section your hair as you normally would to curl
Spray your hair with a setting spray
Curl your hair around your finger and secure with a bobby pin.
Do this for all sections of hair over your head.
Allow your hair to sit for a couple of hours or sleep in it for the night, until it’s totally dry and there you have it, curls without heat!
A curling spray, texture spray or a salt spray mist is also great to help create texture. Style your hair as you normally would with hair spray etc.

How to create easy beachy waves

Wash you hair as you usually would
Gently comb your hair and dry with a towel, spray your hair with a setting, texture or sea salt spray.
Part your hair into 2 sections
Create braids down both sides of your head and tie with a hair elastic
Sleep on your braids and allow your hair to dry while in your braids
Once dry use your hands or a wide tooth comb to separate your curls and gently style your hair. This will give you a gorgeous Boho wave that will look great for any occasion.
For a tighter wave section your hair into 4 sections rather than 2 and create 4 braids.

Waves another way….

Wash your hair
Gently comb and Spray setting, texture or sea salt spray into your hair
Separate your hair into 2 sections
Twist your hair and place two buns in either side of your hair
Sleep with your hair like this.
In the morning gently brush out your hair with your hands


The old fashion way

Get yourself some rollers, velcro rollers work really well and you can get them from most beauty shops and even Kmart, Big W and target have them in the cosmetic sections.
Once again wash, towel dry and comb your hair – a setting, texture or sea salt spray will also help here.
Section off your hair, the larger the section the looser the wave. Roll your hair around the roller and secure with a bobby pin if you need.
Leave the rollers until your hair is dry.
Once you pull out the rollers you will have fabulous curls.

Twist your hair

Wash, towel dry hair and comb
Spray with setting, texture and salt spray
Twist sections of your hair and bobby pin your hair up
Sleep on it and in the morning you will have soft twisted waves

Some more tips for styling your hair

Good old mousse can be used to help set your hair.
Use a good quality hairspray to help secure your styled hair
Make sure your hair is completely dry before taking out braids, twists or rollers as it will not hold.
If you have thick hair and a lot of it. You may need to do multiple braids, twists or sectioned rollers to achieve the right look.
Another way to up the anti with your curls is to add a little heat. Once your hair is braided, twisted or rollers in place then you can quickly blast the hair with a dryer or use a ghd over the top of the braid or twist. This can be done quite quickly so to avoid having to use too much heat.
Don’t brush your hair after you have styled it or it will create major frizz
A little serum or hair oil will help to take out any frizz


Products to use

For Frizz
Garnier – anit- frizz oil
Moroccan Oil – hair oil

Sea Salt Spray
KMS Hair Play – Salt Sea Spray
Organix Moroccan – Sea Salt Spray
Fudge – Texturise Sea Salt Spray

OSIS – Dust it – Volumizing Powder
Big Sexy Hair

Setting Spray
KMS – Curl Setting Spray
White Sands Setting Spray

Hair Spray
White Sands Spray
Delorenzo – elements – Vapour mist

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