Eyebrows – How to achieve the best look

Where to start…..
Sometimes it’s hard to work out where to start when it comes to filling in your eyebrows. The best way to do this is to get a brush or pencil and hold it upright so that it gives a straight line running from one side of your nose up to the inner corner of your eyebrow. This is where your eye brow should start from here. If it doesn’t start here you need to shade, fill or draw in your brow. Below I will suggest the products I love and use everyday. If hair goes past this imaginary line then you need to have it removed. I recommend waxing or threading.

End of your brow……
The next step is to find the other end of your brow. Using your pencil or brush hold it on an angle from the side of your nose past the outer corner of your eye and up to eyebrow. This is were your brow should end. Like the inner part of your brow fill or remove the hair as needed.

Finding the arch…..
Finding the arch in the brow is important to create the right eyebrow shape. Hold your pencil or brush straight up and down and travel through the middle of your eye. This is where your arch should be placed.


Placing dots in these three sections is a great way to perfetly line up your brow. Once you have done this neatly draw, shade, or brush in your brows. Make sure any excess hair is removed. Try to stick to the natural part of your brow line and gently fill in all of the areas. Once you have finished filling them brush through your brows with a little mascara wand or use a gel to keep them in place if they are stubborn.

Different products……
There are many different eyebrow products on the market. You can use pencil, powder, cream, gel and more. They are all applied roughly the same way but each will give a slightly different look. Using a powder is lovely and natural where as a pencil or gel will give a more defined look.


It’s essential to fill in your brows as you get a lot of powder and makeup caught in them and they will look white if this isn’t done properly.

My choice……
For those of you like me with patchy brows I can’t go past the amazing new fibre eyebrow fillers that are on the market at the moment. Silk Oil of Morocco do an amazing fibre eyebrow filler that is natural but creates a nice full brow.

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