Great Makeup Looks For Mature Skin

Tonight I want to focus on how to achieve a great makeup look for mature skin. As we age we need to be more savvy in the way we apply make up and the products we use. Our skin changes shape, texture and definition so the makeup tricks we could get away with as a youthful teenager no longer apply. Here are a few ways to look younger using makeup.

Step 1: Use a good skin care routine

As we age our skin loses moisture and it’s essential that we inject that moisture back into the skin and make it more youthful. For those of you approaching menopause your skin will lose more hydration as your estrogen levels drop. There are so many products on the market but I personally love the Arbonne RE-9. I have been using these products for over a year now and I have found that my skin has never been better. The cellular renewal face masque is probably one of my favourite products. It keeps my skin looking fabulous and helps to decrease lines. I also keep up a regular microdermabrasion routine with Mel our onsite Beauty Therapist.

Step 2 : Always conceal the eye area

As we age we find our dark circles get darker and we develop lovely bags around the eyes. Using a concealer to hide these is very important. Always travel your concealer up into the inner corner of the eye as well as this is where a lot of shadowing occurs. Velbella have a great range of concealers that sit perfectly under your Velbella Airbrush Foundation.

Step 3: Use a good foundation

After the age of 40 our skin becomes thinner this makes your complexion look duller, greyer and more pale. Foundation is essential in adding back that colour that has been lost. We of course love the Velbella Airbrush Range as our primer helps to inject moisture back into the face and our foundations are beautiful and light. You don’t want to apply foundation too heavily or it will accentuate your lines. This is one of the great parts of airbrush makeup. It’s so lovely and light on the skin and doesn’t over accentuate the lines on the face. By spraying a fine mist of our finishing spray at the end of your makeup application you can add the dewy youthfulness back into the face as well.

Step 4: Think about the undertones

Yellows, peaches and golds are the youthful undertones as they are warming colours. They will help to give your skin that natural youthful glow. Yellow undertones and foundations with green bases will help to remove redness from your face that often happens to us as we age.
Velbella airbrush makeup is great for this as it’s designed to cover any trouble areas on the face.

Step 5: Not all powders are created equal

It’s important to set your makeup with powder. Do make sure you are using something that is light and not cakey. If you apply too much powder this will actually age your skin as well as applying too much foundation. Powder is great to help with foundations that fall into creases. Powder will also set your makeup and help it to last longer. If you have dry skin and don’t want too look too matte you can gently sweep your powder over the T-zone, forehead and eyes and leave the cheeks powder free for a more youthful look. Our Velbella Mineral powders are perfect for mature skin types as they are lovely and light and glide over lines. You can still apply our finishing spray to create a more youthful dewy look.


Step 6: Don’t forget your eyebrows

As we age we lose hair on our eyebrows and eyelashes and they start to fade. Bushy brows remind us of youth, the days before we knew what waxing, threading and plucking were. With this in mind don’t forget to fill your brows. I love a great eyebrow powder for a nice soft look or my personal favourite is Oil of Morocco Silk Brow Fibre to fill in any sparse areas in the brow area.

Step 7: Embrace Blush

Youthful skin is associated with a rosy glow but as we age we lose that youthful flushed look as the circulation in our faces decrease. Therefore using darker or different shades is a great way to go when applying blush. Bronzers are also great to help create definition. Apply your blush along the tops of the cheekbones instead of just on the apples of your cheeks and add a sweep of bronzer just underneath to make them stand out. Warm, bright tones like peaches and pinks flatter aging skin better than dusty or muted colours. Try to pick colours that will enhance your look and not blend in with your natural skin tone. We love the Velbella Airbrush Blushes in Mauve, Peach and Rose for mature skin types.

Step 8: Don’t forget to highlight

Aged skin no longer reflects a youthful glow and it’s hard to achieve this but at the same time not looking too oily. This is where a highlight just at the top of the cheek bones really helps to add that youth that has been lost back into the face. We just love our Velbella Airbrush Shimmer for that exact reason. You can add a hint of shimmer without injecting too much light.

Step 9: Learn to love lipgloss

Our lips tend to dry and thin as the collagen in our lips breaks down due to ageing. Adding a bit of gloss will help to add a more hydrated appearance as well as helping to glaze over any lines. A plumping gloss can also help to give the appearance of fullness. Apply a lip linear to help with bleeding and to also define the lip line again. Then add a lipstick with a colour that once again like your blush will give you a brightness to the face. Then apply your gloss on top to give a great overall lip look. The Velbella Lipsticks and Glosses are great for mature skin types and we have a fabulous range of colours that are great for women who need a little extra lift.

Step 10: Be careful with shimmer eyeshadows

You have already applied your concealer to your eye area and make sure you apply it to the lid as this will help to keep your eyeshadow in place. Be aware that shimmery powder eyeshadows will fall into creases and accentuate lines. It is best to use a matte finished powder eyeshadow to prevent this. Velbella Airbrush Eyeshadows that have a shimmer pigment can however, be used as they don’t sink into lines as a powder will and they don’t inject as much light as a shimmer powder pigment. Choose colour when applying eyeshadow, don’t just use neutral tones, like blush it’s important to inject a little colour as this will help with making you look more youthful.

Step 11: Pick a fibre mascara

Like our brows our lashes thin out dramatically and the length of them decreases. My personal favourite at the moment is using a fibre mascara. They are very new to the market and I will do another blog on them soon but they are fabulous in creating a more full and lengthened lash line. When applying mascara also remember how you hold the want is important. Wiggling from side to side will increase wide and brushing up and down will create the illusion of length. My favourite fibre mascara at the moment in The Oil of Morocco Silk Fibre Mascara.

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