Airbrush Make Up Kit


High Definition Airbrush Makeup
Now you can achieve professional makeup results in the convenience of your own home with our Velbella Airbrush Makeup Kit. The easy to use Airbrush kit comes complete with adjustable speed compressor and
gun. Can be used professionally or personally for a consistent high-performance finish.

Your kit comes to you with the following:
– 1 x 15ml foundation in the colour range of your choice
– 1x 15ml blush
– 1x mini compressor
– 1x Airbrush Gun
– 1x airbrush shimmer
– application instructions
– Designer bag to keep your makeup in

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Additional information

Specs Of Machine

Power Voltage 12VDC
Current 0.9A
Max Pressure 30PSI
Working Pressure from 3-18PSI adjustable
Air output 7.0L/Min
Current protection>2A auto cut off
Airbrush Nozzle dia 0.3
Airbrush length140mm
Airbrush control single action
Airbrush pressure range 5-30 PSI
Airbrush material Brass and Chrome plated
Max air pressure: 15PSI
Air Flow: 13L/Min
Weight: 0.68kg
Dimensions: 132x92x61mm
Cable length: 2 meter

How To Use

We recommend you use our Velbella primer before applying your foundation, this will give a good base for your makeup to adhere to, help to smooth over and minimize imperfections. Primer will assist your makeup with longer staying power. Add your foundation to the cup of the gun. You only need ¼ of gun cup of product. Remember: always shake your foundation first before putting it into the cup, because the product is water based there may have been some settling of the pigments, so you need to disperse these before use.

Hold the gun about 12cm away from your face, starting at the top of your face spray your face using circular motions, don’t worry if you have to close your eyes, you will feel the spray on your face and know exactly where you are up to. Cover your entire face and blend under your jaw line and chin onto your neck. Don’t forget to hold your hair back off your face so you don’t spray it.

Some areas may need a little more coverage and it is easy to add a little more cov¬erage by reapplying. If you feel you are spraying too much foundation on, use the lever to regulate the flow. You will know when your gun is empty by the sound.


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